How To Install Tacoma Grill Lights

Revamping your Tacoma truck is one of the most exciting yet complex parts for a Tacoma truck enthusiast. Transforming the appearance & functionality of your Tacoma Truck has always been a debate.

Hold your horses or I should say your Tacoma Truck, this blog is to enlighten you regarding one of the hottest yet elegant & breath-taking products in the market. If you are willing to sprinkle the shade of personalization and increase visibility, then you have no better choice than these Toyota Tacoma grille lights.  

These raptor lights have become a huge necessity as it adds refinement to your vehicle & sets you free for a new journey with bright lights on dark roads.

Toyota Tacoma

4 reasons Why Tacoma Grille Lights are an integral part?

Before diving deeper into the installation part. One must have a brief idea of what will be the impact of raptor lights on your daily vehicle journey. These are the 7 important & impactful reasons why and how these innovations will change your daily life.

1.Improved Vision:

With your vision to set your Toyota Tacoma truck apart from other vehicles, these Toyota Tacoma grille lights provide additional vision during night driving with special concern in terrains where improved visibility is not a choice but a need.

2.Aesthetic & Artistic Enhancements:

With improved visibility, your vehicle requires attention and a glimpse from the audience wherever it goes. Something that sets it apart is these LED raptor lights sprinkling fashion & beauty.

3.Safety first!

As you now have the attention of the people around your Tacoma embedded with LED raptor lights for the grille. It majestically increases road safety as it grabs the attention of vehicles moving in your direction.

4.Customization - Variety Available! 

Multiple shapes & sizes expand the dimension of customization for a Toyota Tacoma enthusiast. Suiting your personality & glamour, you can customise your vehicle in the most prolific manner possible

Grille Lights

Variety in Versions Available - Raptor Lights:

These generational raptor grille lights for Tacoma comprise multiple versions & colors for your Toyota Tacoma appearance.

Regardless of the model that can vary from 2016 to the current one, the beauty lies within the design of the grill LED light.  Color & version are as: 

3D Amber Lights

3D White Lights

Raptor Amber SHell Amber Lights

Raptor Amber Lights

Raptor White Lights etc.

These Toyota Tacoma grille lights are waterproof offering good tensile properties & quality finishing.

Complete guide to Install your Tacoma Grille lights - Easy version

As your excitement rises, here is what is “the need of the hour”. We will walk you through to simply install your Toyota Tacoma grille lights by yourself in a few simple steps. Each step is there to guide you through the frustrating and hard moments while installing any customised LED raptor lights on your vehicle.  Follow these steps and install Toyota Tacoma grille lights like a pro!

STEP 1: Gather Useful Tools & Materials

As you know, no tools, and no party. So gather useful tools & materials, to begin with. Which Tools & materials are useful? We are here to guide you:

  • Electrical Connectors
  • LED Grille Lights Kit
  • Protective Conduits
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Electrical Tape
  • Zip Ties
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Wire Strippers
  • Multimeter
  • Basic Hand tools
  • Scissors

STEP 2: Safety First! Disconnect Batteries.

As this guide is not only to install grille raptor lights successfully, but your safety comes first. Disconnect only the negative terminals of your Toyota Tacoma Truck’s battery.

STEP 3: Mounting The Hardware

Simply, open the hood of your Tacoma Truck. This will allow you to gain access to the backside of the part where LED installation is required.

Slowly lay out the wiring harness right behind the grille. Don’t get surprised by the design of the LED Bracket, as LED Bracket seamlessly fits in the specific slots. Point to remember, start from the LED on the passenger side. To ensure that LED and Bracket can easily pass through the backside of the grill, separate the LED & bracket plus the mounting hardware.

STEP 4: Securing The LEDS:

Use the bolt to secure the LEDs plus the mounting hardware. Repeat the same step for the remaining LEDs. Remember: starting from the passenger side and ending at the driver's side.

STEP 5: Addition of Ground Terminal:

Firstly observe and locate the ground terminal. Voila! It's a 10mm bolt. This 10mm bolt is on the apron. As you have already disconnected the negative terminal of the battery, follow the wire from the negative terminal to the bolt. You need to add the ground terminal of the harnesses’. Make sure to retighten the newly added ground terminal to the apron.

STEP 6: Seeking The Power Wire - Using Multimeter:

As you have added a multimeter as discussed at the start to your cart of tools. You might be needing it for your LED lights. The basic purpose is to find which harness wiring contains the power.

It’s easy, ground one of the ends of your multimeter. Place your multimeter’s negative lead touching the negative terminal of the battery. You can take a small piece of solder also, and stick it inside one of the slots.

Since the slots are quite small and can touch the multimeter's positive lead. Utilizing the solder, you easily help the wire extend and touch the positive lead checking the availability of power.

You might have a friend or a family member here, the person must sit inside your Toyota Tacoma and play with a light assembly indicating the power wire. The wire powered in all positions is the wire to tap.

STEP 7: Secure Your Wiring - Electrical Tape & Zip Ties:

After successfully securing your LED lights to your Toyota Tacoma Truck’s grille. Run the wiring harness alongside the driver’s side fender & battery that leads this harness to the fuse box. Now, you have put those Zip ties somewhere. Use them to protect & secure the harness at all costs along the way.

STEP 8: Negative Lead meets the Ring Terminal

The last step is to Finally, grab the negative wire and strip its end. Add the ring terminal and compress it down slowly and forcefully. Make sure you attach it to the ground, it can be a negative terminal of the battery. Another choice is one of the bolts running along the Toyota Tacoma body.

Here you go! You have successfully installed Tacoma Grille lights.

Toyota Tacoma Grille Lights

To Wrap it Up!

As customization brings attention, it sprinkles your personality through the custom object.  The journey of Tacoma raptor lights starting from custom objects to becoming a need of the road sets it apart from other brands & versions.

Toyota Tacoma grille lights provide safety on terrains and improved vision at night time, aesthetic looks during fancy meetups among friends or family. 

The guide to installing raptor lights describes all the valuable & important steps, strategizing the installation on your own or with your friends or family, saving the expense of services.

I hope this blog will help you in setting up the grille lights on your Toyota Tacoma seamlessly. Follow for more blogs related to similar stuff.