Toyota Tacoma Lift Kit: Ultimate Guide to Enhancing Your Tacoma Style and Performance

Toyota Tacoma Lift Kit: Ultimate Guide to Enhancing Your Tacoma Style and Performance


As a proud owner of a Toyota Tacoma and an off-road enthusiast, prepare for many adventures in life on your versatile Tacoma truck. Although Tacoma comes with all the gadgets straight from the factory, every passionate truck owner loves to customize his truck according to their style and enhance its performance. Want to add more ground clearance and improve the performance of your Tacoma for off-road driving? The first thing to do is to lift your Toyota Tacoma a few inches off the ground. Our Tacoma lifting installation guide provides all you want to know about lift kit installation.


Lifting your truck with a lift kit or leveling kit installation for the Toyota Tacoma is an addition for anyone who wants to enhance their driving experience. It offers increased ground clearance, improved off-road capabilities, better approach and departure angles, and enhanced visibility. Increasing your truck's height not only enhances the style of your truck’s beauty but also increases the performance of your Tacoma. It also opens up a whole new world of adventure and versatility. So whether you're planning an off-road trip or want to catch some attention on the streets, consider getting a Toyota Tocama leveling kit or Tacoma lift kit to elevate your truck to the next level.



Increasing Height of Tacoma:

Lifting your Toyota Tacoma will enhance your truck's performance. There are many ways to increase the height of your Tacoma, so you can install up to 35-inch tires in your truck. Leveling kits and lift kits, compared to lift kit leveling kits, are affordable and do the required job to elevate the style and performance of your Toyota Tacoma.

Leveling Kit: 

Toyota Tacoma leveling kits are easy on the pocket and lift the front end of your truck to move the body away from the axles to add more ground clearance.

Lift Kit: 

Lift kits either create space between the vehicle's body and axle or the suspension and axle to make more ground clearance, which helps in driving off-road. There are two types of lift kits.

  1. Body Lift Kit
  2. Suspension Lift Kit 

Body Lift Kit: 

The body lift kit helps to increase your vehicle's body off the frame by creating the distance between the body and the tires.

Suspension Lift Kit:

The suspension lift kit raises your Tacoma truck's height. You are giving extra inches off the ground. For an overall smooth driving experience.  

Lift Kit Sizes:  

Toyota Tacoma lift kits will enhance the style and performance of your truck. The suspension lift kit will increase the height, allowing for a better off-road experience or on the ride through the city. The lift kits are available in a range of sizes, starting from 1 to 2 inches, 3 to 5 inches, and 6 to 8 inches. Lift kits will allow you to fit up to 35 inches of tire in your Tacoma. You can also find a Toyota Tacoma leveling kit if you want to install only an inch or two that can allow you to install a 31-inch tire on your Toyota Tacoma truck. Choose your lift kit size according to your driving requirements.

Buying a Perfect Kit for Tacoma: 

When selecting to buy your Toyota Tacoma lift kit or leveling kit, you need to keep in mind your driving requirements and the results of the kit. If you want to increase the full height of your truck, your budget will be around a four-figure amount. And if you only want to increase your Tacoma’s height by one to two inches or add extensions, bars, spacers, or brackets, you can find affordable Toyota Tacoma lift kit options.

Buying a Lift Kit or a Level Kit: 

When selecting a way to increase your Tacoma height, you need to consider your budget and its results. Compared to lift kits, leveling kits can be affordable and also increase the front-end height for installing a larger tire for good road grip and unlocking for more adventures while off-roading.

Lift kits can either increase the body or the suspension of your Tacoma. To install a lift kit, you need to spend above the 4-figure amount. Lift kit installation is a bit more complicated than the leveling kit.

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Leveling Kit Installation: 

You have selected a leveling kit to raise your Tacoma a few inches. Now, before buying the Toyota Tacoma leveling kit, make sure to select according to your truck's exact model and year. The installation is simple for those with prior experience. If you find a leveling kit hard to install, you can always seek professional help.

To install the Tacoma leveling kit, you don't need to replace many parts, but you do need to disassemble some parts of your truck's suspension. And for that, you will need the following tools.

Tools Needed: 

  • Jack
  • Wrench set (various sizes)
  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Ratchet
  • WD 40 Spray (To loosen any jammed or rusted bolt.)
  • Hammer
  • Extra Screws  (in case you lose any)
  • Extra Nuts,     (in case you lose any)
  • Extra Bolts      (in case you lose any)

Ready Sturdy Start: 

Every Toyota Tacoma leveling kit installation is almost the same. Always read the guide provided in the kit and install it accordingly.

  • Make sure you have your leveling kit handy and check that all the parts are there.
  • Take a look at the instructions. (Make notes if needed.)
  • Remember that safety should always be a priority. Having an assistant during the installation would also be helpful.
  • Securely block your tires.
  • Ensure that your vehicle is either in gear or parked with the emergency brake engaged.
  • Look up research and jot down the torque specifications for your vehicle.  

Step-by-Step Toyota Tacoma Level Kit Installation: 

After making sure you have the right tools and the right kit, also ensure your and the truck's safety. Follow these steps to set up the Tacoma leveling kit.

  1. Jack up your truck.
  2. Remove the front tire.
  3. Raise the height of your vehicle with a jack stand to easily access the spring and compress it to remove it.
  4. Install a spring compressor
  5. Now remove these parts Spring retaining clip, shocks, sway bar link, and bump stop
  6. After removing the above parts, lower the axel on the jack to detach the coil.
  7. Tighten all the bolts.
  8. Fix and tighten the coil spring spacer on the bump stop in the spring seat.
  9. Restore the spring and connect the spring retaining clip while the spring compressor is still intact
  10. With the jack stand, raise your Tacoma again where it was when you installed the compressor.
  11. Remove the compressors once the vehicle is secure.
  12. Replace the bump stop, sway bar link, and shocks in their old place.
  13. Repeat the steps on the other side.
  14. Replace your Tacomas both your front tires
  15. Make sure every bolt is tightened.
  16. After completing the installation of the Toyota Tacoma leveling kit, lower your truck, remove the jack, and ride on for amazing adventure experiences.

For a more detailed Tacoma-level kit installation, watch the video.

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In conclusion, the Toyota Tacoma leveling kit will be an affordable choice. After installing the leveling kit, you can raise your Tacoma a few inches off the ground, which will enhance the aesthetics and performance of your truck. By installing a leveling kit, you can achieve an aggressive stance on the road while also improving the handling and stability of your Tacoma while driving.  

Investing in a quality Toyota Tacoma lifting leveling kit installed professionally or setting it up by yourself significantly elevates your driving experience, whether you are driving your Tacoma for daily commuting, off-road adventures, or cross-city transportation. Explore more adventures while experiencing the benefits of a level kit.  Have more questions about the lift kit? Let us know your queries for details.